A traveler’s mood can change very quickly. One week the desired vacation involves tropical beaches and sultry weather, while the next week their desires turn to a place where snow blankets the ground, skiing is the sport of the season, and nothing feels cozier and more romantic than sharing hot cocoa with the love of their life in front of a roaring fire. For the former, there’s not much we can offer, but if a winter vacation filled with frosty moments and all the hot beverages you can drink tempts you, here’s a list of the reasons you should spend a Killington winter vacation!

Your Winter Wedding Pictures will be Phenomenal!

Anyone can be a June bride (or groom),but a Killington winter wedding offers the opportunity to start your new life together in a way that shows how unique you really are. The bride looking radiant in her beautiful white gown, the groom standing proudly next to her, resplendent in a black tux with red accessories, with Killington Mountain jutting up towards the skies behind them both; the pictures will be breathtaking!

Killington Ski Area, 4763 Killington Road

Speaking of Killington Mountain, one of the more popular reasons for visiting our mountain village is for the chance of hitting the slopes at the Killington Ski Area. Offering the largest drop in all of New England, the “Beast of the East” is just one reason people from all over the world are drawn to our ski area. 1509 skiable acres, a large number of trails for people of all ski experience levels, and 21 ski lifts are some of the other reasons Killington is such a popular ski town!

In a One Snow Cat Drawn Sleigh

While not as musical as the original song, our snow cat drawn sleigh rides are a fan favorite with people of all ages.Romantic for couples and exciting for families with children, this winter experience should not be missed! Explore Killington Mountain and its trails each evening starting at 5 PM and costing only $15 per person for adults or $10 per person for children 18 and under.This activity fits easily into the tightest vacation budgets.

Magical Moments with Family in the Killington Winter

The best part of your Killington winter vacation will be the long evenings spent in warmth and comfort, watching the chilly night through frosty windows in one of our GetAway Vacations vacation rentals. Sip hot chocolate in front of a roaring fire as you play charades with the kids, sleep late every morning in cloud soft beds, and engage in late-night chats with the person you love most in life as you enjoy a sweet treat in the middle of the night. These magical moments can only happen in one of our homes; reserve yours today!

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