With ever-changing seasons and unbelievable scenery, Vermont is a premier vacation destination for visitors from across the country. The unique climate and diverse wildlife is perfect for couples and families who want to escape their daily lives and relax amongst nature. With an endless list of activities and attractions, there are Vermont attractions for everyone!

The Best Vermont Tourist Attractions

Whether you’re the outdoorsy type or prefer to stay inside, GetAway Vacations has a variety of Killington rentals that will fit your pre and post adventure needs. After you book your room in one of our luxurious rentals, it’s time to plan a day full of family fun and excitement – and we’re here to help! Here is our list of 6 great tourist attractions that you’ve just got to try.

1. White Water Rafting

If you’re in the mood for a thrilling ride, get your life jackets ready! White Water Rafting Vermont has a variety of water-based activities including canoeing, kayaking, and rafting trips on various rivers and lakes across Vermont. Beginners can enjoy a Class 1 experience in fast-moving water with riffles and small waves, and advanced rafters can plow through intense and powerful rapids that take more skill and control to maneuver. This teamwork-driven activity provides a terrific bonding experience for families and groups, and guests will leave with lasting memories.

2. Snowmobiling

Vermont is famous for a wide variety of unique winter activities, and snowmobiling is one of them. Killington Snowmobile Tours offers multiple tours for families and riders of all ages. During the Mountain Tour, guests can zip and zoom through the woods on ski trails, while being lead by an experienced guide. For the younger ones, a Kid’s Tour gives children the chance to try out smaller snowmobiles in a monitored setting. Or, if you’re a thrill-seeker, try the Backcountry tour, where you can challenge yourself on varied terrain including hills and woods. Whatever your preference, snowmobiling is exciting and fun for everyone.

3. Adventure Tours

If you’re having a case of cabin fever, be sure to check out Vermont Adventure Tours. They have everything a snow lover could want, including ice climbing, snowshoe tours, hikes, and caving. They also offer outdoor skills courses, where guests can learn a variety of survival techniques including fire building, land navigation, and wilderness living. Their unique and educational activities are perfect for families and groups who want to learn the lay of the land and experience life like a true Vermonter.

4. Fly Fishing

Stream and Brook Fly Fishing is the perfect place to go to have firsthand experience with Vermont’s natural wildlife. Their proximity to multiple rivers and lakes across the Green Mountains gives guests the opportunity to catch a variety of species, including native brook trout, rainbow trout, and largemouth bass. Their insightful staff and guides also offer casting lessons and fishing techniques that give guests the skills to fly fish anywhere. Enjoy a peaceful and serene day on the water, and who knows – you might even catch something!

5. Putney Mountain Winery

If you’re of legal drinking age, be sure to take a trip to the Putney Mountain Winery. This winery is situated in one of the best locations in North America for growing fruit, which gives their wines extraordinary taste and flavor. Putney Mountain Winery offers several dozen fruit wines and even sparkling juices that are distributed across the state. Notable flavors include Apple Maple, Rhubarb Blush, and Putney Peach, and each has a distinct and complex taste. Check out the winery and sample some of their amazing wines for a lovely, stress-free day in Vermont.

6. Gifford Woods State Park

A Vermont vacation wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the ultimate nature walk, the Gifford Woods State Park. The park is beautiful any time of year, but is especially popular during the fall when the foliage changes to beautiful autumn colors. Gifford Woods has a pond that is perfect for kayaking, multiple trails for hiking and mountain-biking, and campgrounds that are pet-friendly and ideal for families. It’s a wonderful oasis where guests can recline and enjoy Vermont’s natural beauty.

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Whether you’re in the mood to zip line through the woods or go shopping in town, there are plenty of interesting and engaging things to do in Vermont. For more ideas on the best Vermont attractions, download our free vacation guide! It’s a great way to plan fun and memorable activities for your family during your stay with GetAway Vacations.

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