Without thinking too much about it in specific terms, I was showing the America I knew and observed to others who might not have noticed. Norman Rockwell


Norman Rockwel Museum

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Born in New York City in 1894, Norman Rockwell always wanted to be an artist. He found success early and earned his first commission before his sixteenth birthday. By age 22, Rockwell painted his first cover for The Saturday Evening Post, the magazine considered by Rockwell to be the “greatest show window in America.” Over the next 50 years, a total of 321 Rockwell covers would appear on the cover of the Post.

His works appeal to a broad audience in the United States due to their reflection of American culture. Among the most famous of Rockwell’s works are the Willie Gillis series, Rosie the Riveter, Saying Grace and the Four Freedoms series. He is also well known for his relationship with the Boy Scouts of America, since he produced illustrations for their publications for over 64 years. In 2008, Rockwell was named the official state artist of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The Norman Rockwell Museum, established in 1976, possesses a nationally recognized collection of his art. The museum commemorates Norman Rockwell’s Vermont years and the entire span and diversity of his career (1911-1978). The museum chronologically displays more than 2,500 Norman Rockwell magazine covers, advertisements, paintings, facts, and other published works.

Visit the Norman Rockwell Museum to view the popular magazine covers, advertisements, and illustrations- they are the heart of their collection.

Magazine Covers 

With his art on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post, Rockwell became an American idol. His art was one of the main reasons the Post became America’s magazine. Rockwell and the Post became fixtures in American homes during the early twentieth century. Some of his most famous covers include, The Golden Rule, Retro Toasters and many more. The Saturday Night Post covers, which most people are familiar with, only represent a fraction of Rockwell’s art.

Advertisements Designs Exhibition in the Norman Rockwell Museum

Like most Post cover artists, Rockwell painted a great deal of advertisements. Advertisements today show the work of some outstanding photographers, but it is difficult to imagine a photo as engaging as a Rockwell paintings. Some of his most renowned advertisements include, Allen A stocking, Mazda lamp and Interwoven Socks.


In addition to his cover work and advertisement images, Rockwell also completed various paintings throughout his career. He often used photographs as inspiration. His most well known paintings include The Problem We All Live With, Triple Self Portrait, and The Runaway, all of which can be seen when you visit the Norman Rockwell Museum.

The Norman Rockwell Museum beautifully displays Rockwell’s development as an illustrator and links his work to the political, economic, and cultural history of the United States. Make sure not to miss out on seeing this renowned, classic American artist’s work first hand and visit the Norman Rockwell Museum the next time you’re staying with us at GetAway Vacations.

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